Easter in Tinos

The Easter in Tinos smells of the sea and it will open the way towards your personal miracle. The island is bloomed with yellow flowers the mountain slopes are full of daisies and April is flower fragranced and waiting to welcome the Resurrection of our Lord. The unique experience of participating in the Mass of Crucifixion of Christ both in Megalohari Church and in St. Mary of Rosary church will follow you for life. You mustn't forget that one of the island's characteristic is the coexistence of Christian Orthodox and Roman Catholics that live together in harmony and with great respect to each other worship.

The night of Good Friday six ornate Epitaphs along with the magnificent wooden one of Megalohari Church gather beside the marble platform on the waterfront where psalms and prayers are said.

In every village of the island the days of Easter both locals and foreigners are participating in a unique celebration with a lot of local delicacies, making Tinos the best choice for your Easter holidays.