Tinos Island

One of the most beautiful island of Cyclades, Tinos


is an important tourist destination fulfilling demanding criteria as a unique vacation spot.


The visitor will discover the natural beauty of the unique textured terrain, the wonderful sandy beaches equipped with contemporary amenities, that can cover any need, or the more secluded beaches appropriate for romantic diving. One can explore the sea floor, wind surf or just enjoy a daily tour around the island on a boat. For those who like hiking there are numerous rare trails to be walked and for the connoisseurs of the taste a lot of local products and traditional plates to try.

Tinos is known as an island of culture and intellectuality. Great artist of international acclaim have created a tradition in marble sculpture and painting. Their work can be admired in the various art and cultural inheritance museums around the island. Tino's rare architecture can be seen in dozens of the scattered unique villages and in the exquisite venetian marble dovecotes.

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